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Manual Conversion

Easy to use

Easy to use and the perfect size to work between the shelves.


The conversion can be done on- and offline powered by a simple conversion software.


Compatible with all standard data models

Product details

Convert library items easily with a compact tagging cart. Perfect for the work between the shelves.


  • Fast and easy-to-use mobile conversion station small enough to move between stacks
  • Dispenser for two different rolls of tags.
  • Conversion of single and multi-piece materials from barcode to RFID
  • Conversion process is supported by graphics and audible signals
  • Visible check for programming accuracy
  • Offline conversion, no connection with your ILS necessary


  • Multiple data models (Danish, NBD)
  • 15” Laptop with Windows XP and LibSoft Conversion Software
  • Barcode Top Scanner
  • RFID reader/writer and antenna


  •  Modular equipment to install on a staff workstation.

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