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Automated Conversion Station


Automated conversion process from Barcode to RFID

Fast Processing

Conversion of up to 1000 books and items per hour from Barcode to RFID

Easy to use

Our simple software makes the conversion station super easy to use

Product details

The automated Tagging Station is able to convert up to 1000 books and items per hour from Barcode to RFID.


  • Fully automatic conversion of barcode-labeled items to RFID.
  • The station applies an RFID tag, reads the barcode of the relevant item and programs the chip according to the chosen data model.
  • The following data models are supported: ISO28560-2 and -3, Danish/Swedish, Dutch, TagVision, French and several others.
  • A reread of the RFID tag ensures that it has been programmed correctly.
  • If an error occurs, the conveyor belt stops and an error message is displayed on the touch screen.
  • The station can process approximately 1,000 items per hour.
  • A conversion log file is generated automatically. Thanks to the station’s embedded algorithm the tags are placed in overlapping positions from one book to another to ensure optimum scanning of stacked items.

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