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Signal activation

Alarm only by outgoing clients who have an active RFID label


This gate offers a maximum passage width. No restriction of buggies and wheelchairs

Gate Tracker

Gate tracker with an integrated counter able to identify library media

Product details.

Unobtrusive gates that ensure the highest level of security and protect your media.


  • Sets off alarm with activated items only on outgoing patrons and not on ingoing patrons
  • No false alarm on articles from other libraries or stores.
  • Excellent 3D read rates
  • Width between gates provides maximum space for wheelchairs and strollers.
  • No extra handling required by self check. EAS or AFI switched automatically when material is checked in or out.
  • Security functions via EAS Bit (Electronic Article Surveillance) or via the ISO 15693/18000 AFI sector (Application Field Identifier).
  • Security function via EAS or AFI: activation of light and auditory alarms as soon as the security gates detect materials which are not signed out by ILS. Antennas are available in several designs.
  • Integrated red alarm light and audible signal


Technical details

  • Dimensions RFID Crystal antenna: 67.50” x 27” x 2.75”.
  • Weight: approx. 61.73 lbs
  • Power Supply 120/230V 1P 60/50Hz
  • Maximum width between gates is 1200 mm
  • CE / UL certified


Gatetracker with two modules:

  • Report incoming and outgoing visitors
  • Item identification

Base Plate installation Kit

  • Easy installation where drilling of holes is impossible
  • Carpet covers base plate

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