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Vertical lift devices support multi-floor libraries


Operates at less than 58 decibels, ideal for quiet environments


Can be combined with the other mk products

Product details

Where should it go? Whether horizontal, oblique, or vertical- mk conveyor lines, curves, and elevators can be used variably and can be combined in a modular manner with all other mk products.


  • Virtually silent operation (<58 dB), so that your customers are not disturbed
  • Improves returns and sorting
  • Increase your media flow
  • Specially adapted to your building floor plan by means of mk conveyor lines and curves
  • Thanks to their high compatibility, they can also be integrated into your existing systems
  • Durable and low-maintenance systems
  • A combination with return stations enables fully automatic sorting and supports library personnel
  • Our proven components ensure a thought-out, efficient process in your library
  • By means of the paternoster principle, the media lift can easily and quickly overlap several floors
  • Media reach fully automatically from the conveyor belt into the lift and on the intended floor on the respective belt for sorting


Technical Details

  • Dimensions: Media Lift: approx. L 640 x B 1.500/1.700 mm
  • Designed to meet the unique requirements of the libraries of our customers.
  • Made of eloxed aluminum

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