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Let patrons sort priority items.

Save Time

Quicker access to hold and transit items.


Provides privacy and multiple self-service capabilities.

Product details

Prioritize and process holds & transits items quickly, so they can be accessible to your patrons faster. Implemented with mk’s software to guide patrons to place priority items in the Scanbox. The flexible and modular design allows for easy installation at any location and can be shared by two SelfCheck stations. Each Scanbox includes a spring-loaded bottom book bin to ensure a gentle material handling as well as a comfortable and ergonomic way for staff during unloading.


  • Efficient sorting of priority items/holds during check-in at self-check
  • Includes a spring-loaded book bin with wheels to collect returned items
  • Software guides patrons to place authorized item onto the Scanbox chute
  • RFID verifies the item, opens the gate, and the item slides into the bin
  • Perfect accessory for the mk self-check

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