Sorting Systems

mk manufactures, designs and provides extremely reliable and high quality sorting systems for any size library. Libraries can choose between a sweeper based system with flat closed conveyor belts and a pop-up roller system. mk will consult with you to determine the best system for your library.

Sorting System / AMHS

  • Choose from Sweeper or Pop-up Technology
  • Guaranteed 100% sorting accuracy
  • High capacity up to 2,500 items/hour
  • Sorting based on any SIP2 and item relevant information
  • Ensure holds and transit items are separated quickly
  • Systems can be fully enclosed to be placed in public areas
  • Library & branch sorting systems
  • Central sorting systems with Manifest feature
  • Full bin/tote sensors
  • Bins/totes are interchangeable
  • Web-based statistic and monitoring via mk LibManager software

Single Bin & Mini Sorter

Ideal for smaller footprint libraries to accept items into a single book bins or sort them into two categories.

  • Small footprint
  • Filling control sensor
  • 2-way sorting (i.e. printed items and media or holds)
  • Cost effective option for branch libraries
  • Compatible with a variety of book bins