Cologne, Germany, 22nd May 2014 – Saskia Wagemans, Business Development Manager, announced that “mk Sorting Systems GmbH” officially changed the name to “mk Solutions GmbH“, today.

Prior to 2008, mk Technology Group was already a leading manufacturer in library solutions for decades in Europe. That year, “mk Sorting Systems GmbH” was established to meet the library solution needs worldwide.

In 2008, the product line of “mk Sorting Systems” consisted of return and sorting systems. Since 2009, thanks to technology and manufacturing growth, the business has expanded globally and now includes RFID and Barcode/EM Technologies, Conversion Stations, Staff Workstations, Self Checks, Security Gate Systems, Book/DVD Vending Machines the mk LibDispenser® and Return and Sorting Systems.

“mk Sorting Systems” expanded the product portfolio to become a full library automation (service) provider while is still a single source manufacturer of hardware and software for library solutions. Markus Flory, the Managing Director, explained that the new name would reflect the evolving focus and standards as a major global full library automation solution provider. Customers and employees alike are optimistic about the name change.

Moving forward, the customers and partners will know and find the company as:
mk Solutions GmbH

The change of the name has no influence or effect to the existing agreements or contracts. Marketing brochures and website in relation to the new name and logo will take immediate effect.

For further information:
Saskia Wagemans
Business Development Marketing & Sales
mk Solutions GmbH
Phone +49 221 888 254 40