The Sneeze Guard by mk Solutions

Protect your patrons and staff from infection while staying in contact.

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infection protection

Protect your patrons and staff

The mk Sneeze Guard can be placed on any desk with public contact in order to minimize the risk of infection for staff and patrons.

Protection for patrons & staff

integrated opening


Without limiting patron contact

The transparent design ensures eye contact with patrons while carrying out customer service tasks.
An opening with a width of 16" (40 cm) and a height of 8" (20 cm) is provided.


The Sneeze Guard effectively protects against infections and is easy to clean and disinfect.


Thanks to the transparency of the glass and no distracting frames, you stay in touch with your customers.


The transparent design fits perfectly into any environment.

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The Sneeze Guard in use.

Some impressions of how the mk Sneeze Guard can be used.

What our customers said once they saw the mkSneezeGuard:

Real safety glass instead of made out of plastic – Finally a great sneeze guard

Looks great and is so invisible

Super secure and stable stand

I feel so much safer with such a sneeze guard

As always from mk: Top Quality!

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